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The Orange County

A Livejournal Community for OC fans.

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Welcome to the O.C community!

Maria, Livejournal user sweetest_dream_ and Niki, Livejournal user _iki_ created this community. Just ask us if you have any problems or requests.
Seth is our favourite O.C character although we do like the rest of the cast also. The O.C is the best programme ever and in order to join this community you must love the O.C!

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1. When joining this community you need to fill out a form in order to tell us a bit about yourself. You must write "My application for the orange county" in the subject line.


Favourite O.C character:
Favourite O.C couple:
Captian Oats or Princess Sparkle?:
Seth or Ryan?:
Marissa or Summer?:
Most annoying character:
How do you rate the OC out of ten:
Favourite programme amitting the OC:
Favourite colour:
Favourite food:
Favourite thing to do:

You must also enter ONE photo of yourself under a cut with the name of the cut being "The OC rules!"
LiveJournal cut = <*lj-cut text="The OC rules!"*>Photos placed here <*/lj-cut*>Take out the stars.

2. When you join this community you must put the following button on your userinfo:

Made and linked by sweetest_dream_

This links directly to theorangecounty

The code for this button is the following, without the stars:
<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/theorangecounty"><*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v251/miaelena/buttontoconnecttotheorangecounty.jpg"><*/a>

This button acts as a type of promotion to encourage new members. It also allows quick and easy access for you to this community. By putting this on your userinfo means that you have read these rules and makes the maintainers realise that you are happy to abide by these rules. We will check now and again, randomly, on different peoples journals to see if this has been added.

3. You must promote this community whenever in your OWN community or journal.

Promotion banner:   
Made by _iki_ and linked by sweetest_dream_

This banner links directly to theorangecounty so allows people who see it, just to click on it and they can view the community. It means they do not need to type in the URL of the website and it saves the hassle of looking up the community on interests.

The code for this promotion banner is as follows:

<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/theorangecounty"><*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v251/miaelena/promotion.jpg"></a>

4. This community does not allow the promotion of other communities. I would like to say, due to misuse I have had to enforce this rule. Any promotion entries will be deleted and marked as spam and may also result in your explusion from the community. LiveJournal has a policy that promotion should not be allowed in other peoples communities or journals so once, if you promote and it is marked as spam then this may result in the deletion of your own journal and possibly any communities you may own.

5. The writing of every entry turns out orange on the community, so it is best that you do not change the colour of your writing when updating in the orange county. This does not apply to comments, however, as they appear with a white background.

6. Do not answer any query to do with the community in a comment. A new entry has to be made! This is important so please follow this rule.

7. One main point I have to make is to point out that all members are from different parts of the world. Mainly from America or Britain. I would like to point out to you that America are ahead of Brtitain so therefore they know more about what has been going on in the OC more recently when Britain are behind them. I therefore insist that when mentioning anything such as telling the community that someone dies!! It should be put under a live journal cut so it is not spoilt for the rest of the community who do not know that yet.

LiveJournal cut = <*lj-cut text="Spoiler"*>Place text here <*/lj-cut*>Take out the stars.

8. And remember, have fun!!!

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1. Each fortnight there will be a theme for theorangecounty and then everyone shall vote of whose "answer" to the theme is best and then that person shall choose the theme for the next week.

There are a few rules to entering your vote for the themes.
* You may not vote for yourself but can vote for others, although keep in mind that by doing so you are giving others a vote and that they do not have to vote or if they do, it may not be for you.
* You may only vote once and if you vote twice, it will be counted as one vote.
* No annonymous votes will be counted.

Whenever you enter your entry for the theme, you must write theme somewhere in the entry so it is known to all that is why it is there.

The themes that have already been used are as follows:

1. Favourite O.C photo. Winner = _star_angel_
2. O.C love poem. Winner = ruthiepoo_fsc
3. Compare your favourite character to an alcoholic drink. Winner = xfrenchkissesx
4. Compare yourself, personality, storyline or looks wise to a specific O.C character. Winner = sweetest_dream_
5. Write as much as you can about any O.C character or O.C actor. Winner = jennielliott
6. Disort a photo of your least liked O.C character. Winner = fifth__avenue
7. Create your own O.C movie. Winner = x_fragmented_x
8. You have the chance to spend an entire day with someone from the O.C cast who would it be, why did you pick that person and what will you do. Winner = xfrenchkissesx
9. Write what thing on the OC you would have if you could and why. Winner = xauf_achsex
10. Pick your favourite OC outfit. Winner = IN PROCESS

These themes can be re-used after a while, however it preferable that the imagination is used and we get new themes every two weeks!

The overall current winner of the orange county themes is xfrenchkissesx.

2. A good point about this community is the very useful service of weekly updates on the O.C. We currently get updates from du_berg from the UK about the ongoings of the programme and ruthiepoo_fsc for America!

3. Every week there is a night on which we, the maintainers, will be online. During this time, we will answer ANY questions you may have about the O.C. A post will be put into the community saying when this time is starting and you can communicate with us through comments. When this time is over, another post will be put up to tell you this. Currently the time in which we will do this is on a Friday night. It will be at 9-10pm British time, which is therefore 4-5pm America time.

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